Meet the Runners

Allan Manley (PEI)

  • Want to run first full marathon
  • Have only been in two organized runs: 5k (June 2010) and 1/2 marathon (May 2006)
  • Would like to do the full marathon in 4 hours

Andy Roberts (PEI)

  • Lose weight and stay in shape
  • Turn running into something enjoyable
  • Run a 5k and 10k within the next year

Amy Matthews (Alberta)

  • Maintain ability to zone out while running—listen to music and let mind wander—appreciating alone time and no demands of attention.
  • Continue to reach new goals and seeing the results of hard work in body and mind.
  • Ran a half-marathon shortly before i got pregnant; would like to run more post-pregnancy to get into shape.
  • Ultimate goal: to run a full marathon, but with a 5 year old and a new baby on the way, it might take 2 years to get back into shape and find the time to prepare for it (but it will be done!).

Christine Gordon Manley (PEI)

  • Started running after 10 yr break in February 2010
  • Ran her first 5K race in 30:30 (June 2010)
  • Would like to improve her 5K time and work toward 10K

Jennifer Galle (PEI)

  • Run a healthy and fit third marathon (no injuries allowed!)—scheduled for October 2010
  • Use barefoot running as a way to improve stride
  • Religiously do one speed run a week, and actually keep up the pace on tempo runs

Kim Roach (PEI)

  • New to the running scene
  • Using running as a weight loss tool
  • Attempting to run 10k by October of 2010
  • Long term goal of completing a 1/2 marathon within the next few years

Michael Steeleworthy (Nova Scotia)

  • Continue to run as a means to stay fit physically and psychologically.
  • Continue to run for pleasure & to find zen

Nick Farquharson (PEI)

  • Started running last summer (sporadically); been consistently running about 3 to 4 times a week since May 2010
  • First race: Dairy Queen/Source for Sports 10K (52 minutes)
  • Best time in a race: 23:09 in the Deltaware 5K
  • Longest run to date: 16 k
  • Would like to complete a half marathon (October 2010)
  • Would like to decrease running time (especially on 5k and 10k runs)
  • Is also running to get in shape/tone up a bit

Paul Alan (PEI)

  • Started running in 2009
  • Ran first 5K race in June 2009 (24.27)
  • Ran first 10K race in October 2009 (52:27)
  • Has taken some time off between races due to injuries/life
  • Training for the PEI Marathon 10K run in October 2010.


Stephanie Price Evans (British Columbia)



  • Return to pre-twins fitness level (she does not count running around after naked toddlers as part of her endurance exercise goals, even though it does take a lot of patience)
  • Run 10k three time/week
  • Begin to plan for first triathalon training


Wendy Chappell (PEI)

  • running as a medium for mindfulness practice
  • maintaining a love for being barefoot
  • training to run the 10k of the PEI Marathon barefoot this year (October 2010)



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