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  1. Paul Alan says:

    I never ran. I bawked at the thought of running. I drive down the road, see people running and say “How stupid is that?!” LOL seriously! Then I joined the Spa Total Fitness Centre in Feb of 2009. Steve Mallett was my personal Trainor (He’s a Kiwi, and very good at training). I weighed in at 210 (5′ 9 1/2″) and started following his routine. By march I was starting to feel much better and started on the treadmill a couple of times a week. It then turned into a ritual, and if I didn’t get at least 1/2 hour on the treadmill I felt like my time at the gym was wasted.

    I ran my first 5k with Deltaware in June of 2009 and did it in 24.27 min. My second run was the Mikinduri 5k which took me 25:50. My third race was the PEI Marathon….10k finished 53rd at 52:27. I haven’t raced since then, although I have kept up with some 5k runs on the trails/roads near my house but not nearly enough.

    My gym membership expired and I continued at home with the “Insanity” workout for April and May. Great workout with great results….took June off and decided to start the Insanity series again, but 15 minutes into it, my cat ran through my legs during some vertical mountain climbers and I came down hard and turned my ankle. That was July 5th. Today was the first day my ankle felt stable enough for a workout. It survived, and so did I, sort of.
    My new goal now, is to begin training to make the 10k run in the PEI marathon again. Baby steps though, I have 2 bad knees as a result of hockey injuries in my younger days (a ref falling on you as a 12 yr old and almost bending my knees backwards wasn’t fun), so slowly and gradually I will be ready.

    Focus- Christine, I try to clear my mind by listening to my breathing, paying close attention to my pace, and looking ahead on my route and setting a goal. “Okay, I will not stop unitl I reach that post”. By the time I reach it, I’m not feeling too fatigued, so I set my sights on a new goal….that “turn in the trail”. This works well as I normally run the entire distance and get a huge feeling of accomplishment. This plus some awesome fast tempo tunes on the iPod!

    Keep to it Christine! Maybe the distance shouldn’t matter as much as the effort. If you can only get time for a 2-3k run why not do that but with a little more intensity? I can’t imagine being able to run 28k like your husband, but maybe for some of us the shorter distances will do …… for now.

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