“Just Finishing” No Longer an Option

The goal of my last half marathon and triathlon were just to finish. A worthy goal after pregnancy, but as my youngest son reaches his first birthday i no longer want to finish-i want to “perform”

I signed up for a last minute 10km run in a small community not far from home this past Sunday and it was so much fun. It was a first ever for this community to celebrate their centennial and it only had just over 200 runners. I knew i hadn’t prepared for this race and was tired, but i really though i could keep up with a front running pack-i even left my music home so i could listen to and push my body to its’ limits. I knew within the first 2km that i would, again, be near the back of the pack. My whole body just felt sluggish and my tummy did not feel well at all. I didn’t let this deter me from having fun during this run, in fact, it gave me a chance to think about where i want running to take me. Oh, and also to plan how to “accidentally” trip a girl running near me who’s Garmin kept playing some funky alarm every 30 seconds-so annoying!

Ahem, anyway…i realized that i need to fuel my body properly in order for it to perform it’s best. When i ran before the baby i was getting full nights of sleep, perhaps this let me off the hook from my less than stellar diet. Not this time. My lack of sleep and poor nutrition have let me feeling sick and headachy after any run longer than 10km-for me this is unacceptable. I want to run in the morning and feel energized when i get home, not need to crawl into bed with all the lights out.

My goal for summer is to make my body run faster. I know i can do this if i treat her right 🙂 I’ve begun to track my calories, not so i can lose weight and obsess over each calorie, but to make sure i am taking in enough (good) calories in order to let my body perform well and recover properly. I want to take my running to the next step where i can run farther and faster, but also feel great while i’m doing it and not just get through it.

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