Keeping Things in Perspective

Today was my last long run before my race next week and it didn’t go as planned. I knew my legs were tired from a 5 mile run on Thursday morning and 90 minutes of intense fencing later that evening, but i was hoping they could hold out for one last 8 miler. I had a feeling yesterday that my body needed some rest-i got on the scale and discovered i had lost over 2 lbs in just a few days and that was not good. I’m not quite at my pre-pregnancy weight yet, but i haven’t been dieting either so i betting my bottom dollar it’s from dehydration and a touch of exhaustion.

I got to my new favorite running spot at the Glenmore Resevoir and walked for a bit to warm up. Head feeling good, stomach is great (I’ve had some tummy issues recently)-so off i go! I’m always slow to warm up-sometimes it takes me up to 4 miles to get into a groove. Right away i knew this wasn’t going to be my day. I always feel a twinge in my right heel at the start of a run so i usually run for about a mile, then stretch out a bit-no problem. Shortly after that i could feel extreme fatigue in my legs. They had that tired tingle and i could feel every muscle i used fencing Thursday night starting to shout at me. I chugged along walking and running for about 3 miles before i decided this run was going to hurt me more than it was going to train me.

I could have been upset, very upset. But as i walked back to my truck i started thinking about the process of how i came to be at this point and i think i should cut myself some slack. When i began training for my last half, i was already in great shape. This time i was still carrying almost 20 lbs of left over baby weight when i started and my cardiovascular system was in poor shape from no intense exercise during my pregnancy and post-partum months. Last time i had an older son who was self-sufficient. This time i have an infant who decided that sleeping through the night is lame and naps aren’t really his bottle of milk. I’ve completed all my training runs, including the longest run of 10 miles, and i only had to cut 2 of them short. So i know i will finish this race-i probably won’t beat my time from my last race, but what does that matter in the grand scheme of things?? Not much my friends, not much.

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1 Response to Keeping Things in Perspective

  1. Christine says:

    Two words: You Rock.

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