Misery loves company? Not a chance.

I knew today’s run would be different from the last 2 I’ve had this week. For one, it’s run #3 of my new program, and I’ve learned from experience that run #1 is a shocker, run #2 is usually painful, but run #3 can be lots of fun, since your body is starting to adapt and you remember why you do (really) like (i’m still hesitant to use “love”) to run.

I had another reason to know that I would have a good experience today: I wasn’t running alone. Now, I don’t really mind running solo and it fits well into my schedule, since I usually like to run at 6AM (not many people are willing to join me at that time). I usually take that time to focus on the day’s tasks and also I think of things to blog about (hey, I want to entertain y’all here!). But, the few times I have run with a friend, I’ve really enjoyed it. You can chat, which takes your mind off from the burning in your legs and lungs, and you feel as if you are part of something bigger; you aren’t alone. When you complete the run, the feeling is much more magnified.

Today I had super duper running buddies as they pretty much agreed to do this for me. All winter we’ve been early morning exercise buds and now that they’ve progressed to bootcamp and I’ve decided to take to the road, I miss them! So, Carol and Frances had a great idea to go for a run with me this weekend. I gotta say: they have balls. These ladies get up super early 4 mornings a week to do a 6AM bootcamp outside (in May, it’s still pretty darn cold at that time…see my post from earlier this week). Carol even did a kettlebell class with me earlier today. So, to sign up for a run on their day off? Geez. I was floored. And in awe. And humbled.

I was also pumped. Frances was pumped. Carol was…hey, she was willing to come, so we’ll leave it at that! We opted for a 3 min run/1 min walk program on the Confederation Trail (my first time running that…it was great!) and we did just over 3.2K. You know what? It was just as tiring doing that run/walk program as it has been for me running 3.5-4K solid, but my knee didn’t give out or hurt … huh. I even did a little show-off sprint at the end to get the heart pumping so much it threatened to leave my body.

We talked through most of the running, too, which is hard. Towards the end, we stopped talking and just listened to the thumping of our feet. Strangely, there were times when we were in sync with our running pattern, creating a sound that I can only explain I could feel in my chest. Unity rocks.

And, somehow, somehow, I even convinced these girls to run the Cornwall Classic Race with me. It’s in 3 weeks. This is awesome. I’m seriously blown away b/c what I expected to be a pretty solitary month of exercise (and I was okay with that, really), has suddenly morphed into a run of solidarity…something that leaves me speechless and so grateful to have such inspirational friends in my life. I am beyond blessed.

Do you have people who motivate you in your running program? Do you prefer to run solo or with people?


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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1 Response to Misery loves company? Not a chance.

  1. peihouses says:

    This being my first EVER run, I think having you both with me made an enormous difference. Not going to lie, it was hard – not fun. But it wasn’t horrible and I was expecting horrible. It makes such a difference to have people with you to share in those hills and the sights around us. And although the run itself was difficult, the high I had once I finished was indeed multiplied by sharing it with friends. I carried that high with me for the entire day and even into the night. So proud of myself for doing it and pumped for the next time – and the next time and the next time! (which will be the Cornwall run!) Am I crazy???? EEK!

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