I’ve got (no) feeling…

I’m back! Those two words both terrify and excite me. I decided that this will be the year I finally do the Cornwall Classic—a fun little run that goes right around my beautiful neighbourhood. I missed it last year due to (what else) army schedule, but I am Determined to do it this year. And since I have taken a 6 month hiatus from running to pursue other fitness goals, I need the month of May to prep, even if it’s just a 5K.

So, today being May 2 (who starts on the weekend? Psh!), I set my alarm for 5:55 (a nice little sleep in from what I have been doing recently), got up, put on my jogging clothes (and sneakers! wow that felt weird), and headed outside. I remember last summer/fall enjoying a few peaceful moments sitting outside on our step, munching on a banana and stretching, taking time to listen to the early morning noises and being at one. It was relaxing. It was peaceful. Well, today, it was just cold. I didn’t have the luxury of taking a moment for fear that my bum would freeze itself to the steps, so I shoved half a banana down,  took a swig of water, and hit the road looking for warmth.

To provide context: Driving in today at 815AM, more than 2 hours after my run, the radio said it was 3 degrees. Clearly, I was nuts.

I did it though. Perhaps not the whole 5K, but really, I didn’t expect to do that right away. I’ll map it out later, but I think I managed 4K. Close to it anyway. And I think I listened to around 5-6 songs, so I’m thinking I did that in just under 30 minutes. My goal is to do 5K in under 30 minutes seeing as how I did 30 on the dot my very first 5K race. I feel I should improve right?

Anyway, here’s my list of pros and cons for my first run of 2011:

-the cold. no joke guys, it was cold. Even my husband, who is in the army and used to all kinds of torture, went outside shortly after 7 and said, “yeah, I wouldn’t have ran in that.” Good one Chris.

+ the fact that I did it anyway. This means I have some kind of balls, right?

– No cows out yet. Either it’s too early in the season for them to be up at 6AM, or they were smart and stayed inside where it was warm.

-Aches and pains. I had prepared myself for my knee to give out or for my legs to feel weak. I was not prepared for my ears to burn, my jaw to ache, my neck to throb, or for the bottoms of my feet to cramp. I suspect 3 of those complaints are cold-related, but the bottoms of my feet is a training thing perhaps? I need to re-awaken those muscles.

+ My knee did not hurt!

+ My knee did not hurt! (I have two knees, but also, this is so amazing, I feel it warrants two pluses)

+My legs were not weak! I guess I have been working them these past months.

+My lungs were strong. It wasn’t until the last 500m or so that I felt slightly winded. This bodes well.

So, cold whining aside, I am pumped. I mean, it’s bound to warm up here eventually right?

Funny story though: I have been working out at 615AM 2-3 times/week for the past few months with a lovely group of folk. Their presence has inspired me and motivated me to get my bum out of bed. Also, their humour while being tortured working out has gotten me through. So, it was an adjustment to hit the road solo this morning. I believe I missed them more than I thought when I found myself following what I thought was another jogger and getting super excited trying to catch up, only to realize the yellow blur was a mailbox (also: clearly, I was not wearing my glasses). Darn.


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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2 Responses to I’ve got (no) feeling…

  1. Stephanie says:

    LOVE IT CHRISTINE!! You will rock your 5 km in under 30 minutes:)

  2. cherylcan says:

    You can do it Christine! You are so dedicated. I did run on Sunday but did not make it out again this week.

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