Top 10 Reasons You Might Want to Re-think Turning an Evening Walk into an Impromptu Run

Went for a lovely evening stroll with my kids tonight. The time change really rocked our schedule this time around resulting in my kids taking a very late afternoon nap and possessing a very limited desire to go to bed on time. I had worked all day and was craving some cool night air, so off we went. It was a brilliant night! Cool air, quiet out except for the sounds of crunching leaves… and out went my desire to walk and in rushed my desire to run! There are, however, some very important things that I learned about turning a casual evening stroll into a late brisk run. I should share them with you, just in case.

Top 10 Reasons You Might Want to Re-think Turning an Evening Walk into an Impromptu Run:

1. You don’t have a hair band and so your hair becomes matted to your neck, stuck down with sweat and heat. Itchy. Yucky. Kind of gross.

2. Your under-wire bra eventually forgets what part of your boob it is supposed to be ‘under’.

3. You begin to need to lose layers of clothing – the down-filled vest and sweatshirt wind up on top of the stroller – haphazardly threatening to fall off from time to time, causing you to swerve uncontrollably from left to right as you steer with one hand and grasp/straighten with the other.

4. Your ‘nice church shirt’ becomes sweat drenched and suctioned into crevices in your armpits.

5. Running in the dark over very noisy crunchy leaves both intrigues and scares mixed-bred large puppies who are out for ‘training’ walks with their owners. The owners nearly get dragged through said leaves as you pass by. Jogging strollers are crack for puppies.

6. Your delicate lace undies turn into scratchy sticks that poke unmentionable parts of your buttocks. You begin to wonder if you will ever be able to pull them back out.

7. It starts to rain – wet leaves are slippery and a tad treacherous in the dark. Thank goodness for proper footwear.

8. Unexpected running after a meal causes loud burping and mild tummy upset. Planned runs result in better meal choices.

9. Although you want to have a shower upon return your jazzed-up children, who did not run off any of their energy, refuse a bath and instead choose to stretch your sweaty, uncomfortable, wedgied self’s patience by running up and down the hallway, taking turns falling into the pile of clean laundry you have neglected for a ‘nice evening stroll’.

10. Unexpected rain + wild, untied hair = ratty wet hair that your children like to ‘comb’ with baby brushes and spoons. (So okay, this one might not apply to everyone out there:)

But really, who can resist a crisp fall night run and the sounds of two toddlers giddily chortling ‘Rawn! Rawnning!’, ‘Mom rawnning!’.

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3 Responses to Top 10 Reasons You Might Want to Re-think Turning an Evening Walk into an Impromptu Run

  1. Amy says:

    Hahaha…love it!

  2. scaryfishpei says:

    I agree with you about the lace undies.

    No wait, it was a friend. Yes. A friend of mine had the same issue. Not me at all.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Nice catch there on the lace undies Andy – glad to hear it was a friend;)

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