Another Goal Achieved!

I never thought i would be the kind of Mom who had a jogging stroller. I used to chuckle at moms in my community who had them and thought they looked silly in their little groups with their matching jackets who always ignored me when i saw them at the park. I was quite over-weight after i had my first son so i didn’t fit into said groups.

However, with this child i knew i was going to have to walk my older son to school everyday and the big, plastic stroller i had that went with the car seat was horrible to push around anywhere except the mall and grocery store. So i watched Kijiji and found a good used one-so i became one of “those” moms. I do love my new stroller and use it pretty much everyday, but was scared to actually use it for running. What if Greg didn’t like it for more than the few minutes we use it to take Jack to school? What if i never wanted to run again? What if it was too hard? Would i even feel like dragging it out to attempt to run?

I decided yesterday that it was indeed time to finally use my jogging stroller for just that-a jog! It was the perfect day for running-cool and clear-so i packed myself and Greg up in the truck and drove down to my old running path to give it our best effort. It was a SUCCESS! Greg only fussed for a few minutes before falling asleep so i was free to run. It was more difficult to get into a rhythm and i couldn’t zone out like usual when i run, but i know that will come with practice 🙂

I felt like i really achieved something and couldn’t get the grin off my face the whole day-i love my life!

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2 Responses to Another Goal Achieved!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Okay, first of all – welcome to the club! If you lived closer I would buy a matching jacket and pantsuit and we could Mom Run together:),

    and Secondly, hahahahahahhahaha! I knew other Mom’s thought I was crazy! Thank-you for confirming it.

    We actually got our Bob off of Kijiji too – best purchase I have ever made!

  2. Amy says:

    Hahaha…i’m so glad i made you smile 🙂 We would make a hot running pair!

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