Running Hiatus

Hi everyone. I know, you are surprised to see me on here again!  I know it’s a cliche and all (and please forgive me, but I have no idea how to do a french accent in WP), but seriously—where has the last 2 months gone? Holy!

I haven’t been running. At all. And in the meantime, I’ve done a lot of running reflection.

About two months ago, I started having trouble with my “good” knee. I haven’t really gone into details about my knee problems on here as I didn’t want to appear whiney, but moreover, I’ve been dealing with bad knees since i was 12. It’s a part of my life; I don’t see it as a big deal. It kind of boggles my mind that one would not have knee pain…

But one knee has always been the “good” knee, only acting up in damp weather, etc. and one knee has been the “bad” one—the subject of surgeries, the one that needs babying by wearing a brace when exercising, the one I kind of take extra care of.

I guess Good Knee got fed up of being ignored and started raising its own voice. And that worried me. Bad knee pain, I can deal with. I’m used to it. I know what to do. Good knee pain freaked me out b/c I can’t handle two bad knees!

I tried waiting it out and not running for a bit, but it only got worse. Off to the doc I went about 2 weeks’ ago and he gave me some anti-inflammatories to try for a 2-week basis before we do something else. I fear I’ll have to do something else b/c, while they are keeping the pain at bay, I have noticed that if I forget to take one, the lightening is sure to start again.

Anyhoo, long-winded post not meant to invoke sympathy, but to let you know I’m still here and cheering you all on.

This past weekend was the PEI Marathon and many of our bloggers took part. A special shout-out has to go to Jen who completed all 42K and lived to tell the tale (I’m in awe) and to Wendy who ran her first-ever 10K barefoot race. You ladies are my inspiration!

I had hoped to have ran the 10K and up until August, I still thought I might be able to do it. Alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe next year. What I have learned though is that it’s ok if I never get to the 10K mark. I mean, many people can’t even run 5K right? Let’s be grateful for what we can do and let’s do what we enjoy, not what stresses us out.

One gimp step at a a time…


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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1 Response to Running Hiatus

  1. Amy says:

    There is nothing wrong with having to take a break-sometimes you have to listen to what your body is trying to tell you 🙂

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