Life Without Bob

Who new it? Not my husband. Not my children. Not even me. Go figure – you’d think someone would notice when another man becomes an integral part of the family.

‘What? A new man?’, you say. No. Not a new man, but another man.

His name is Bob.

He’s incredibly useful – keeps my children safe and secure… with a 5-point harness system.

He’s oh so strong – holds up to 100 pounds.

He’s smooth – his suspension system ensures it.

He thinks of everything – will carry groceries, sippy cups, diaper bags AND my coffee cup.

He’s revolutionary – in fact Revolution is his middle name.

He cares for both of my children the same – provides a dual seat system.

And currently he is broken. My Bob Revolution Dualie was almost fatally wounded on our vacation to Newfoundland. The wheel cracked clear off during the flight – makes you wonder what goes on down there in baggage. Staff stroller chicken races? Games of ‘How much luggage can you carry?’ or ‘Who can get to gate the fastest – no points taken off for damaged deliveries?’.

I have been surprised to find how much of a hole has been ripped into my running routine since Bob has been in-operational. The nights come quicker – I do not like to run alone in the dark – and my time to run during daylight is now either filled with work appointments (recent return to a fuller work-schedule) or hanging with my favorite set of twins.

Hanging with the twins has always been my time to get in a little extra exercise – they love Bob as much as I do. We trail run with him, scoot out to the grocery store with him, and can make it to at least 3 different parks in less than 5 minutes! Since Bob has been injured our activities have been terribly compromised – swapping the kids in and out of the car or pushing them down the street in a double umbrella stroller has replaced our quick and easy runs to our favorite locations. Shockingly these little jaunts have been the source of the majority of my mileage since beginning dashing after my current running goals.

And so friends, I must apologise, but my running time seems to have been slashed in half these last 2 weeks – and has been comprised of treadmill runs. Not exactly the stuff that one gets excited to write about. My posts have been lacking and directly reflect my mileage.

Thankfully Bob has a wonderful Dad who will replace any of his broken parts – free of charge – and will even send out a second part, just in case that elusive first quick-release part got lost in the mail. Parts should arrive within 6 business days – Bob is so prompt.

Can’t wait for the return of Bob – my whole family misses him.

In honour of all the talented Bobs out there who hold a very special and quirky place in our hearts:

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2 Responses to Life Without Bob

  1. Amy says:

    I hope Bob feels better soon!! Those do look like awesome strollers!! đŸ™‚

  2. Christine says:

    Sending healthy vibes to Bob!

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