Top of the Morning to You!

I don’t know about anyone else, but the time of day plays a huge roll in the quality of exercise that i get. I have completed day 9 of my running challenge and the clock definitely affects (effects?) my attitude about my daily run.

I am a morning exerciser. I love the way it makes me feel for the rest of the day, plus i only have to shower once a day-saving water and time is a big plus. However, with my Dad visiting i wasn’t able to get my daily run in until after 8pm for the most part and these evening runs were horrible! After about 4pm i would start dreading the run. I knew i was going to be so tired and would want to be going to bed instead like everyone else. It didn’t seem to matter how early i ate my dinner-that evening meal would sit in my stomach like a rock and i could taste it in my throat the whole time i ran-YUCK! I had more cramps and pains during runs completed in the evenings…for any fitness pros out there-is there anything i can do during the day to make evening runs better?

So NO MORE. I must change my schedule and make my runs a priority in my morning and maybe starting to put my running stroller to use now that Greg is happy in it for longer periods of time. I want to be excited for exercise, not dread it the whole darn day! Other than this i am pleased with myself for getting up off the couch each day to run. I decided to put my scale away for the time being and just work on getting my fitness/cardio level up. With Greg less than 3 months old i don’t need that scale pressure on top of getting enough sleep, eating well and running everyday-i am not superwoman…yet 😉

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1 Response to Top of the Morning to You!

  1. Christine says:

    I, too, am a morning person when it comes to exercise Amy. I find that the longer I leave it in the day, the more likely I am to find a “valid” excuse not to go.

    Now I somehow must merge my morning exercise personality with my want to stay in bed in the mornings one!

    And I think you are getting pretty darn close to that superwoman status my friend. Respect.

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