Get Up Offa That Thing

Yes, I was inspired by the words from James Brown…”Get Up Offa That Thing, and RUN til you feel better”! Wow, it’s been a few weeks since I found the time to write. I guess I have had some time, but too tired after a busier than usual schedule.  After dinner, and after the dishes were cleared from the table, I all of a sudden had the urge to run. I haven’t really had a good run in some time following the “shin splint” incidents. Tonight was the night.

I broke out my running gear, and my wife and I headed down the road on our usual path for running, all he while I listened to James Brown, more than a couple of times. It was inspiring as I did finally “get up offa that thing”. We completed our circuit, and other than having the feeling of a brick in our stomach’s because maybe we ran a little too soon following dinner, my legs felt great. No pain, none at all. It appears that I have moved passed the shin splints. This is very good news! I see more runs, and more “Insanity” in my schedule this week….and, oh yes, “hockey” begins Monday nights again in Cornwall. I can’t wait to hit the ice once again!


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1 Response to Get Up Offa That Thing

  1. FitNewWest says:

    Nothing like some Funk to get you going! Good choice in Running Tunes!

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