Getting a “Running” Start

I need some inspiration, or rather, some dedication to get my running groove back. I have done a few short runs here and there on my treadmill at home or at the gym, but they have lacked in consistency. A year ago i called myself a competitive athlete (running and fencing) and knew that consistency in training was the key to success in my sports.

I have decided to make a 30 day committment to running. I will run 3-5km everyday for the next 30 days with the exception of the days that i fence. I only fence once a week right now and running before i fence would just kill me at this point đŸ˜‰Â This seems like a lot and i know rest days are important, but i feel that i need this structure right now to get my body in the habit of exercise. If my poor legs need a “real” rest, or i get sick i will have to make changes to my schedule-i am not looking to hurt myself.

I have house guests coming off and on for most of the month of October and will take advantage of having some people to help take care of the boys for me. Now i am NOT ready to leave my two-month old with anyone yet, but i can certainly head down to my basement to pound it out on the treadmill or run around the block several times while grandparents do their thing with the kids. This way if “mommy” is needed i won’t be far away and i can really enjoy my run knowing i can be reached easily.

I think it’s going to be great to get back into a routine again.


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2 Responses to Getting a “Running” Start

  1. Stephanie says:

    Way to go Amy, I applaud you! Your body will love you for this. I’m looking forward to more posts on your success!

  2. FitNewWest says:

    I have to say that all of you who ‘Run and Write’ are doing a great service to others. Not only are you entertaining readers of this blog, but you have developed an amazing motivational community. It is because of Share The Run that I have started to write my own stuff.

    Amy, I also applaud your challenge! Tell us how it goes!

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