Terry Fox Run, Confederation Bridge

Hello out there.

I haven’t been an active runner/walker for a bit.  There I admitted it.  That finally being said, I signed up for the Terry Fox Run at the first of the summer with my sister and my mother to start a family tradition.  When the day finally arrived, I fully admit to being completely unprepared for this event.  The summer was extra busy and finding time to commit to exercise was like finding a money tree.  They do not exist.

Nevertheless, I awoke at 4:30 am on Sunday morning, got my gear together and picked up my family at their homes.  Dad decided to join us, what a wonderful surprise.  There was a lot of traffic heading up to the bridge, but I think that only made us more enthusiastic.

We began at around 7:45, we started off pretty slow, just taking in the sights and sounds of it all.  At the 4km mark we were all feeling pretty good so we began to pick up our pace a bit, sometimes even breaking into a jog.  I wish I could honestly say that I ran the whole thing, but I def did not.  Just short bursts whenever I could to try and keep up with my mom (she is a very fast walker).

Around the middle of the bridge, my previously injured tendion started to act up a bit so I had to slow down, and the rest of the bridge was really just a slow walk from that point.  Our mom and dad, at this point had gone ahead (did not want to slow them down).  Rachel stayed back with me and kept me going. As much as there was pain, there was joy as well. We took in all the encouragement of all around us and high fived many of the runners that were running past us, and visualizing ourselves in their position. It helped to push me through.  When we hit the 10K mark, a milestone for me, it was the most amazing feeling.  You could see the end was close, and it really gave me that extra push to keep going even though my body wanted me to quit, I keep moving forward and that is what really makes me proud.

Having my sister and parents with me the whole time pushing me along, is a feeling you can’t describe.  They all believe in me and know that I can do anything that I push myself to do.  My parents crossed the finish line about 10-15 minutes ahead of us, but it was an incredible feeling to see them waiting for us with open arms when we finished.  Rachel and I walked across the finish line together.

I am so incredibly proud to have finished the walk/run.  Thinking about Terry Fox himself, who is truly an amazing role model.  There were days when he didn’t want to try, or run.  He found the strength to go ahead anyway.  He makes me want to try harder.

My mom now would like to do the 10 km walk in October for the PEI Marathon, I see running in her future.  Running next to her would be amazing.

I feel so inspired.  Getting my schedule together to make time for me.  I am including this song in my playlist.

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1 Response to Terry Fox Run, Confederation Bridge

  1. Amy says:

    Good for you–sounds like you all had a great day! 🙂

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