To My Invisible Running Partner

On tonight’s run I found myself reflecting on all the ways in which my husband makes a positive impact upon my running goals. Not because he physically runs with me anymore – one of usually has to be with the kids while the other gets in a good run – and not because he gives me training tips (we’ve learned our lesson on that one), but because of both the practical and unseen ways in which he supports me on a daily basis.

This appreciation for him is not out of the blue, it’s because he was out of town Tuesday through Saturday of this previous week and I discovered what it was like to have a week sans my spouse. It was incredibly tiring. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary occurred while he was away, but because I was the only parent on duty 24/7 both my sleeping and my running style were seriously cramped.  While I managed to get in one good run before he left, by the time I finished my last run of the week I was struggling. Struggling not only to run, but to stay awake! I was pooped! The last of my energy went into one final barefoot run on the treadmill late Friday night after the kids had gone to sleep and the house had been cleaned. I could barely make my legs move. I felt as though I were forcing one foot to move and then immediately having to will the other to follow. So my run tonight was refreshing – an otherwise ordinary run that felt completely out of the ordinary given that it followed my hiatus from dual parenthood. And I finally got to run outside again.

I spent my run thinking about what a difference having my husband around again makes to my running, and what a difference having him around makes to my every day life. Even on days that he’s at work for the day, knowing that he will be home in the evening makes a big difference to my mentaliy and to my running efforts.

So tonight, my run was all about him and remembering how he has always supported my running. And tonight, this blog is in appreciation of all the ways in which he adds to my every day life and helps me to meet my running goals – a toast, if you will, to my invisible running partner.

To the man who:

  • drove 5 hours, made his camping buddies leave their fishing, wrote my name on his chest, and hung out the window of a car several times just to cheer me on along the route of my very first half marathon,
  • helped me to buy decent winter running gear, when we were dating, because he felt that it was ‘a good investment in his future family’,
  • surprised me at our apartment with a Garmin to track my running progress when I began to train for my second half marathon,
  • helped me walk to and from the post box when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with our twin sons and had lost my sense of balance, along with any hope of ever getting back up by myself if I fell, but was desperate to still exercise in some way,
  • gave me two perfect children and sang my kids their first lullaby – Run DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’ – while sitting in the NICU at Vancouver Children’s Hospital,
  • found and arranged for the delivery of a used jogging stroller on kijiji so that I could run with our kids once they were ready for a jogging stroller,
  • ran with me and the kids on my first runs post-pregnancy and was sure to tell me how amazing I was doing every step of the way
  • just tonight, ate my tofu and veggie stir fry and said it tasted amazing, did the laundry and tidied the living room so that I could go for an outdoor run,

… you, are my perfect running partner. To do this without you, is indeed, very tricky.

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