Monitoring the Run

Today turned out to be a very good day on the circuit. I had planned to go for a run when I got home following the Gold Cup Parade, but it was too hot at that point. I had the sneakers on ready to go, and instead of the run Ipicked up my waterbottle, got my son and we went for a walk. It was a nice long walk on my usual 3k route. We weren’t trying to break any walking records, nor were we out to get our hearts beating faster. It turned into a nice father and son walk down the highway and through the trails. Oh yes sure he complained a bit because he had no idea where the trail led too, but he made it and we were soon home again.

Following dinner, I still had the urge to run so off I went. Watch, iPod, go! It was the same 3k track I walked earlier in the day, this time jogged. My breathing was under control, my strides were longer and I felt great. I stopped along the way but once to advance through a few itunes as I had hit a slow part in the shuffle….I needed a boost. Would you believe I got it from Michael Jackson. Yes, MJ is in my iPod. Black or White is actually a good running tune. The kid in the song, ignores his fathers’ pleas to turn the music down and the kid cranks up B or W. By the way, this video just happens to feature charlottetown’s newest resident “George Wendt” as the father. It helped me crank up my run. I took off again, with good speed and long strides. I rounded the corner on my street, saw my driveway and kept up the speed unitl I hit my property. I made it back about 13 minutes.

Following the run, I went in the house to grab some water, and it was then I decided to check my heart rate. This was just a minute following the run. According to all the stats I’ve found online, my MHR maximum Heart Heart should be 173bpm. Following this run, 1 minute afterwards, my heart rate was 132bpm. I thought that is pretty good recover. After 5-7 minutes, I was breathing completely normally, and my heart rate had recovered further down to 75bpm.

Following a shower, I immediately got online and started searching out theose Heart Rate monitors like a watch or the chest straps. I did find some used ones, but ended marking and watcing a couple of new ones that end in a day or so. Running is important, but at the same time, if you’re overworking your heart and it’s not recovering properly, then it’s time to modify your routine.  My running rate and recover rate is within a healthy reading for my age, and for that I’m grateful, but this is something new for me that I want to continue to monitor and keep track of.


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