Improving the Stride

Following a late afternoon on the North Shore, I found myself restless and wanting to run. It’s still light outside, why should I waste this beautiful evening? On go the running shorts, shirt and Sneakers, iPod is fully charged and ready to pump energy into my body via my ears. I ran just the 3.5 k course tonight, but with greater intensity. I’m improving my cardio, which in turn allows me to improve my stride. Longer and faster. It’s coming together nicely, and you can’t beat running on a such a great evening on PEI. I did have a new addition to the iPod tonight which was a delight to run to. As it came on< I thougth of my earlier experience of running into the Pot-Smoking moms on the trail… The song of choice tonight is Jimi Hendrix’ “StoneFree”. Check it out!

The other morning, on Magic 93 I asked listeners for their help in finding me a pair of Vibram Five Finger runners. They were most helpful, narrowing down to a distributor in Halifax “My Ole Sole”. It’s in a plaza off a side street named Kempt. There’s an EB Games, an Italian Bakery and a Burger King all there (Landmarks to remember). I will be going to Halifax sometime in the first 2 weeks of September, so I think I will have to get a pair to try. Another blogger here Wendy swears by running barefoot or as close to it as possible and this may be it. We’ll see. If I am able to get a pair, I will certainly give you a review in detail right here as we “Share the Run”.


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