Night Running

It’s a Friday night, my kids are sleeping and my husband is at home willing to babysit. I  try to fit in one long-ish run before he heads out to work on his parents’ house for a week. I received an emergency call from a client and end up leaving for my run later than usual.

It’s hot outside – still, hot air – like an oven. I start my run on the trails that loop around our neighborhood, then head onto a main street. I can feel the heat rising from the pavement. Taking my usual route I leave the busier areas of Walnut Grove and head down towards Derby Reach, a local Regional Park.

Soon the sidewalks give way to gravel shoulders and street lamps are few and far between. I run over the train tracks and head towards my 3/4’s marker – a No Exit sign. House lights begin to turn on and the traffic slows. The distance between houses increases and the distance between fields and trees decreases. I can feel the coolness of the coming night air begin to dance on my skin. Passing cars all have their lights on, the moon shows itself – a pale yellow crescent against the pink of the sky. I have to readjust my eyes with each step. The fields turn from green, to gold and begin to fade away. It is night. I turn before I can see my No Exit sign flicker in the failing night and head back towards the sidewalk and the street lights. It is night.

Shhhhhhh…… night running deserves a quiet night.

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