Beautiful Sunday for Running & Discovering

Well the weekend has only just a few hours left, before we all return to our normal Mon-Fri routines. It was a hot Sunday afternoon, but I did manage to get in a 5k run today. The morning started off busy as usual for a Sunday. I take my 12 yr old daughter downtown to the Downtown Farmer’s Market for her to set up shop and sell her very own hand-made Jewellery. She’s been into this since she was 9, and has sold some here and there at Christmas Craft Fairs, but this summer, she’s really launched quite a little business. So, I take her down, get her set up in her canopy tent, and today was Good Samaritan day as I found myself helping and elder German woman;  she makes the most awesome desserts, set up her canopy. I carried her mini fridge from her car, climbed a street lamp on Queen St. to get her power and she was good to go. Once I was sure my daughter was fine (and my wife’s company is behind the market so she’s down there all day and keeps an eye on her), I head home.

Sunday Afternoon, and it’s too perfect to pass up, so I head out on a neighbourhood/trail run. The next time you go for a run, look around you. Really look around you. You will find some very interesting points of interest on your route. Today for example, I learned that there is an art studio around the corner form my house owned by a very talented artist by the anme of Tania Doucette. She has some incredible paintings there (as I saw them on-line). My next daytime run I will make time for a drop in visit. She sells her art work and will sell other artists works as well on commission. Hmm, maybe an outlet for me? Maybe.

Onto the trails I go, where I found a cool little rest spot if needed for weary trail walkers 🙂 It’s next to a B&B and Tea Room. They have cut away some trees to make a path off the trail which leads to a picnic table for you to catch your breath, rest your feet, a place for a couple of middle aged women to “share a dube”. I had to laugh running by smelling it and seeing them try to cover up. Remember those awkward teenage years when you were up to know good and almost got caught by your parents?

I’m beginning to lengthen my runs periodically as I am actually training for the PEI Marathon 10k. Now some of you may run that every day. I applaud you. My knees aren’t quite up to that kind of committment, but I’m gettign there. I learned the hard way last year by completing the 10k run without any training. I paid for it for 3-4 days afterwards.

Looking forward to more incredible August weather this week and more running and discovering on our beautiful PEI trails.


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1 Response to Beautiful Sunday for Running & Discovering

  1. Christine says:

    Seeing those ladies would have cracked me up. That beats cows any day!

    Keep up the good work Paul! I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to try for the 10K myself (knee issues as well) and can only manage 5K so far. Every little bit is progress no?

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