Appeasing a jealous dog

I’m currently sipping a coffee and procrastinating before a 26K.  The day before school starts I have a 32K to do, so I’d better smarten up.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share my barefoot experience of the other day.

I decided that my dog Charlie was being neglected.  I’ve been taking my mother’s dog Minnie on some of my barefoot beach runs, but the other day Charlie caught me sneaking out with Minnie in tow.  I wasn’t positive he had seen me, but when I got home I saw the proof. When Charlie gets upset, he runs to the bathroom and shreds toilet paper.  When I got home from my run there was white toilet paper bits everywhere.  Evidently, Charlie was unhappy.

I realized that the only way to remedy this would be to take a second barefoot run that week.  The very next day I packed a beach bag and plunked Charlie into the car.  A little note on Charlie: he’s a fifteen pound miniature American Eskimo.  Think of a snow-white pomeranian.  He doesn’t look much like a runner – more like a show dog.  Like a dog a little old lady in New York would have.  Not exactly tough and durable.

I had planned on some beach time after the run, but clouds were quickly rolling in.  I set off with Charlie in tow.  I’m pleased to say that Charlie is an excellent runner.  He was excited to be out on the beach.  As we ran, he would nip at seaweed and bark at seagulls flashing by.  I very quickly got into a good pace, and our run was nice and smooth.  The clouds were darkening the sky, and finally a bit of rain came.  Then a bit more. Finally, it was a torrential downpour.  Charlie and I kept running, but I’m relatively certain we looked like maniacs to the cottagers up on the cliff.   Charlie was starting to look like a drowned albino rat. His beautiful white fur was clumpy and covered in sand.  He had a bit of seaweed dangling from his curly tail. He was in heaven.

Finally, we came upon two very large bald eagles sitting at the water’s edge.  Now, I thought they were beautiful, but please remember that I have a fifteen pound dog.  Charlie might well have made a nice little snack for them, and for all I knew I was in their territory.  I decided to turn around.  As I did, Charlie snarled at them.  This, coming from the dog who once took a panic attack when a squirrel once climbed our screen window and peered in at him.  I decided to up the pace going the other way.

After the run Charlie had a nice bubble bath, then I toweled him off.  Of course, he immediately decided to run around the house and roll in everything, including our bed.  Instead of looking like a drowned rat he was looking like a little wooly lamb.  Our other dog, Roo, was unimpressed. I took her to the beach later on to make up for taking Charlie out, but she has no interest in running.  It’s good to know that I’ve had a running companion in the house all along.  Charlie won’t be coming with me on the 26K today, but I think I’ll take him and Minnie along on my next barefoot run.

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3 Responses to Appeasing a jealous dog

  1. Stephanie says:

    Do you run your long runs barefoot? I am sooo jealous of you running on a beach! Sounds divine. Sounds even better with a wet dog:)

  2. jengalle says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    I haven’t gathered the courage to do my long runs barefoot just yet. Some day I hope to move up to it! Right now, it’s just short 5K’s.

    Running on the beach is pretty divine;)

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