Watch your steps.

Hi Runners!
In keeping with the new evening regime of running around 7-730pm I kept with the program last night, despite having a rather large Turkey Dinner. Why did I eat all that? Hey It’s Turkey!

I ate around 545pm, and then ran at 730p. I thought that it was safe to run at that point, and it was, with the exception of feeling turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots and turnip at the back of my throat near the end of the run. I was able to finish without any sickening incidences…Okay way off base, the reason for this entry today was watching your steps.

I have blogged earlier about me turning my ankle…well last night could have been a disaster. nearing the 2.5k part of the run, I ran from trail to a sidewalk next to the highway. Sidewalks and grass are on diffierent plains, and potentially dangerous. I wasn’t paying attention, just running and enjoying some RUSH on the iPod. I reached the edge of the sidewalk which as it turns out is 2 inches higher than the grass. I quickly recovered from a run-killing ankle twister. I quickly got my head out the music and back to reality in that split second it takes to correct my footing. My little lesson learned: enjoy the run, enjoy the sights, the sounds….and don’t run on the edge of sidewalks dummy!
Safe and sound and looking forward to a much lighter dinner and a further run tonight.



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Magic 93 Morning host in Ch'town since 1991
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5 Responses to Watch your steps.

  1. thewholeway says:

    Far fewer ankles turns in bare feet…earbuds distract from mindfulness. I’m just saying.

    I am so glad you did not injure yourself, Paul. Did I miss Thanksgiving? lol

  2. Christine says:

    You’re new to the blog, so I’ll forgive. But dude—here at Share The Run, we like posting You Tube videos of the running music we listen to. (please.)

    Good job at getting out the door after eating turkey. Wow. Respect.

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