barefoot running: @langille was looking

Okay.  It is official.  I simply love running barefoot in the rain.  It is sublime.  Joyous, intoxicating, raucous. Transcendental.  Truly, truly, truly.

That first run in a downpour was no fluke.  I am somewhat relieved, but vindicated, really.

When the sidewalks are rubble, like along Euston Street, running barefoot in the rain is lovely.

When you begin in a light mist and think you won’t get very wet but the second vehicle driving past you drives through a huge puddle without slowing and soaks you, running barefoot in the rain is like a play date with cumulonimbus cousins.

When paving contractors don’t properly clean up after their work and you must slow, cautiously getting beyond a small explosion of gravel, the combination of rain + running + barefoot is ineffable.

When you return to start and realize you don’t have something dry to change into, running in the rain is the big guffawing trickster you wish you were.

When you tune in to twitter to find out you are the scheduled WTF? on a local radio station for the next morning because someone like twitter star @langille thinks you are totally crazed and perhaps incorrectly medicated , running with abandon in a warm summer rain with your soles softening against city sidewalks might just be the most bizarre thing to happen to you today.

Today I ran.  Barefoot.  In the rain.


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I am a Health & Fitness Specialist and I am just leaping in to the next part of my life -- a Fitness Studio! I hope my adventure intersects with your adventure.
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5 Responses to barefoot running: @langille was looking

  1. Christine says:

    Ha! Fantastic post Wendy. I loved the trickster bit.
    You have such a refreshing outlook. I admire it so much. Thank you.

  2. scaryfishpei says:

    “a play date with cumulonimbus cousins.”

    Wonderful. 🙂

  3. Wendy says:

    Thanks both of you. I think the rain brings out the best in me.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Wendy, your post was so enticing that I just had to try out running barefoot. I’m not yet brave enough to try out the sidewalks, but I gave it a shot on the treadmill. I have to say thank-you for your post! I had such a fun run last night and am noticing today that I have side-stepped all the usual post-run squeaks in my joints.

    Your writing makes running barefoot absolutely contagious:)

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