28 Kms!

28Kms. I type again 28kms. This was a huge run for me. Unbelievably huge, considering I went 28kms two weeks ago and ended up dehydrated and useless for the rest of the day. You never read that post? Not surprised, considering that since that run I haven’t posted a thing.

Two weeks ago, I learned the difference in going for a run and training for a marathon. I ran without enough sleep, without a hydration plan, having gorged on salty foods the night before. I left a t 6:00 and ended up finishing my trek at 10:45, having walked about 6-8 kms. It was hard, it was demoralizing, it nearly did me in. It didn’t, after thinking about my failure to plan I was determined to do it right at the next opportunity.

The following two weeks included runs from 8-12 kms, no really big plan needed for those. Then came today. I had made some adjustments to my thinking after talking to some established runners. The biggest, is that it is okay to walk. Until now I was stuck on the belief that walking was failing. I had done 22 kms without walking so that had further reinforced the silly notion.

My run broke down like this. The first 9 kms took me to the Tiger Express on Northriver Rd. Then I picked up a bottle of water and walked one km. Then ran down to the Queen Charlotte Armoury where I picked up the banana and Gatorade. Then ran to where I had stashed the second half of my water bottle, ran to the Tiger Express where I walked 1 KM. After that it was the last 8 km run.

This worked really well for me. It allowed me to finish in less than 3.5 hours! Compared to my poorly planned run which I finished in close to 5 hours! Below is my route, with highlighted walking area.

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7 Responses to 28 Kms!

  1. Wendy says:

    Totally impressive and inspiring. Well planned is half done.

  2. Amy says:

    Great job! I can’t wait to train for my marathon someday 🙂 I have a hand-held bottle that has a strap that goes around the outside my hand so i really don’t have to hold onto it. I never run without it!!

  3. Andy Roberts says:

    Amazing accomplishment. I’m both humbled and jealous.

    Love the way you stash things away along the route, like a dog burying a bone. 🙂

  4. jengalle says:

    Great work! It’s impressive looking at that map and how far you ran!

  5. amanley says:

    Thanks for the comments fellow runners! With my new run 9 walk 1 I feel kinda unstoppable. At least until the next long run over 30 kms!

    As for stashing stuff, I really have to as I do not like carrying anything unless I have to, that includes juice belts. I see that they have like 16 water stations so I doubt I will take anything with me but clothes and an iPod 🙂

  6. jengalle says:

    They’re great about water and nutrition stations. You’ll never want for anything – every couple of stations there are nutrition stations with oranges, bananas and gel packs. There’s also a ton of bathroom facilities and people cheering you on. It’s such a beautiful place for a marathon.

  7. amanley says:

    I am starting to get excited for it.

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