Knowing Where and How far

I have recently, following an ankle injury  just started to rn & exercise again this past week, and was able to squeeze in 3 evening runs. I think I enjoy the 7pm run moreso than earlier in the day. I have a couple of options for my run, but never knew exactly how far I was running. Sure I could kind of guess, but that never works out so well. Case in point I thought my close to 5K track was pretty exact, but with the help of my new friend (website) I discovered it has been closer to 7k. I wondered why I was a little more fatigue than I should have been for a 5k.
Anyways, try this out… It allows you to create a map of where you run, logs the exact length and even shows elevation levels. Gotta love satellites! I now have a variety of runs ready to go, some 2k others available to me now are 3, 5, 7 and 10k routes. These will be very helpful to me as training has now officially started to take part in the 10k portion of the PEI Marathon again this year. Time to beat 52:50.
Happy mapping!


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2 Responses to Knowing Where and How far

  1. Wendy says:

    I have been mapping my runs on mapmyrun since joining this blog. I don’t track time and distances very closely (except during specific training regimes) but thought readers might want to see my route/time/distance….though I have yet to post a link to it. It is a nice little site and so easy to use.

    I like your 10k time. I ran the 10k last October in just over 63 minutes I think. That would have been fast for me! This year I will run the 10k barefoot and, right now, in my head, I think 75 minutes.

    Run strong and happy Paul!

  2. jengalle says:

    I’ll have to try mapmyrun. I’ve always used the training log on It has a similar function for logging in distances.

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