After last week’s rollercoaster performances, yesterday I tried stripping my run back to basics and ran without the iPod to keep me company.

That’s when I discovered that music really affects my running, my pace, and my concentration. True, there’s a patch in the ‘third act’ that gets really boring, but it’s better than the gremlins in my head whispering “Quit!” every 5 minutes.

Gloria Estefan was right: the rhythm did get me.

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3 Responses to iPodge

  1. jengalle says:

    It can make such a difference. I love it when I find a new song I love – I swear it makes me run faster.

  2. scaryfishpei says:

    Re-reading my post, I probably didn’t explain myself too well. The iPod is now gone from the routine – I get way better results without it (but on the flipside, 30 minutes can get pretty boring…)

  3. jengalle says:

    I see! Maybe I should try running without music. It might help me concentrate on my pace…

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