First “Run” After Baby

I knew I wouldn’t be throwing on my running shoes within days of giving birth, however 5 days after I had my second son I decided to chuck him in the stroller and see what this old Mom could do. As it turns out…I couldn’t do much.

It’s been very hot in Calgary so when I had to go to an appointment at the Apple Store to replace my iPod I decided to hit the mall an hour early to get in a “workout”. This involved two slow and surprising painful laps around Market Mall. I had worked out for most of my pregnancy with the exception of a few months in the middle of when I was tad depressed and was feeling pretty awful. And after a dream birth that involved no stitches I thought I would be up and running in no time. Imagine my surprise when after just few minutes of walking I found myself putting some of my weight on the handles of the stroller! After only one lap of the mall I was so tired and sore!

I knew when I got pregnant that it was going to be hard, mentally and physically, to go back to the beginning after I had the baby. As more weight packed on during my pregnancy I couldn’t help but be sad that the body I had worked on and trained for years to be at it’s best was wasting away to flab. Yes, I knew I had a beautiful baby in there, but sometimes that wonderful thought just wasn’t enough to compensate for the double chin that seemed to grow in the mirror everyday.

It’s been about 5 days since that depressing first attempt at exercise and I have gone on a couple of walks since then that haven’t been much better. However, I have decided to forgive my kids for trashing my body because, well, they are just so darn cute. I still have some depressing thoughts as I look in a mirror and realize just how much work I have ahead of me, but I know it can be done and I will do it-it just might take a bit longer than I had originally though.

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4 Responses to First “Run” After Baby

  1. Stephanie says:

    Amen and amen! Coming back to a sport, or should I say a discipline, after having a child is a bit like journeying through pilgrim’s progress:) Stay encouraged – and know there are literally millions of women out there who are attempting the same feat and would cheer you on in a heartbeat.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for the supportive comment…i really needed it today đŸ™‚

  3. Christine says:

    I am in awe that you are where you are already Amy! It took me a good 5 months post K before I even attempted going back to the gym, and another 6 months after a few feable attempts to get exercise back into my routine. You are awesome. Your body is truly amazing. You can forgive the odd bits b/c each one is a story about J and G.

    Sending mucho hugs to you and the promise that a new Running Like a Mother book should arrive to you next week.

  4. jengalle says:

    I admire you for getting back into running so soon! Because I don’t have children I’ve never had to face that challenge, but I know how hard it can be to start running again after a hiatus. It might have been hard, but your legs do have muscle memory, and it will probably come back to you faster than you realize. You don’t have to start from scratch!

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