One day about year ago I realized that I was getting fat and lazy.  I felt like I had no energy at all; I would get home from work and always want to just lay down and rest.  I decided I had to stop making excuses and try to find a solution.  Many of my excuses had some truth to them such not having enough time; although I may not have had enough time to go to the gym for two hours everyday, I did have some time to do some exercise.

I’m not a morning person (I’d like this to change too), so I decided to try going for a run at night after the kids were in bed.  I just told my wife that I’m going to try and go for a short run and I’ll be back in 30 minutes or so. 

My first attempt in 2009 was very discouraging.  I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was, I could hardly breathe after only 5 minutes.  I was hoping to make it to a stop sign down the road, which I calculated at 2.3 kms or so but ended up jogging halfway and walking the rest including most of the way back.

I was kind of embarrassed at how long it took me to get home that night but when I got back my wife was happy that I at least tried.  I figured the next day I was going to run all the way to the stop sign regardless of how much it hurt.  So on the next day I started running and just refused to stop until I got there.  I felt like I accomplished something.

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4 Responses to Beginning

  1. Christine says:

    And just look what you can do today! Feels pretty good doesn’t it?

    You should post about the Cox & Palmer race. It’s okay to brag here 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love that you just call your life what it is (was). It takes a lot of strength to identify what you need to change in your life and then walk out the door and make it happen. Saying ‘way to go!’ doesn’t seem enough here – but how about ‘WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!’

    • nickrunning says:

      Thanks Stephanie!!!

      It is amazing how a little encouragement can help a person overcome barriers. Thanks again for the encouragement!!

  3. thewholeway says:

    I love this. Every day is a great opportunity to make a different choice. May all your stop signs get further and further away Nick!

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