Monday mornings are never easy. Add to the craziness that is starting a new week of work + getting a toddler ready for daycare (always tough on Mondays after a fun weekend at home with Mommy and Daddy), my new running routine and there’s a recipe for disaster quite easily awaiting us. To prepare, we try to get everything ready the night before, and since I was busy marking last night, my kind husband took it upon himself to get me ready for me: he made my lunch (I know…can we hear a collective “Awwww…”), put my socks on the vent (more on why this was necessary in a moment), packed our daughter’s diaper bag, got my water bottle ready, and saw to the dogs. Even with his help though, I’m wondering if the running gods had it out for me today.

Problem #1: Sunday’s weather

It rained all day yesterday. While rainy summer days can be relaxing, I had (of course) hung a load of clothes out to dry Saturday evening. Including my running clothes. I left them out all day Sunday hoping the weather would clear, but at 5pm, I called it and ran outside to yank my running gear off the line to hang inside. I wasn’t so worried about my top + shorts as they are quick-dry material, but the wool socks would be problematic, and I have discovered I simply cannot run in any other pair of socks than these ones (flash Blister Adventure of June 2010). I really should buy a second pair (along with a second sports bra and a second pair of shorts…sigh), but at $20 a pop for socks (for socks!), I can’t justify it just yet. Anyway, as mentioned above, hubby put socks on dryer vent and cranked the heat for 45 min solving that problem. They were mildly damp still this morning, but nothing off-putting.

What was really stupid of me though was I forgot until after 10pm that my knee brace was still hanging on the clothesline receiving nice refreshing shower after shower. It was soaked through and this material is neither quick-dry nor easily fixed via a dryer vent. Parts are made from rubber causing a drying nightmare. So I knew going to bed last night that I would be attempting to run sans knee brace.

Problem #2: Lack of sleep

Last night was one of those toss and turn nights that made my 6:14am wake-up call painful. I dozed an extra 5 minutes before crawling out of bed. I was still determined to go, but I was moving slow and not thinking clearly, causing additional delays and problems.

Problem #3: The Missing Sneakers

Once I had finished dressing and had grabbed my hat ready to head out, I realized my sneakers were not in the closet as they usually are. Flashback to Friday when myself and two friends had gone to the track to do sprinting drills (sorry Jen, I refuse to call them “games”), and I suddenly remembered that my sneakers were in my gym back, which was, conveniently (ha!), in our bedroom closet, back upstairs. Sighing and mumbling insults at myself, I creep back upstairs, into the bedroom, find the sneakers, and creep back down. At the bottom of the stairs, all chaos breaks loose: the dogs wake up, as does the child.

Problem #4: The dogs

Normally we have one dog and this one dog is a pretty heavy sleeper so slipping out unnoticed has been easy. At the moment, and for the rest of August, we have two dogs as we are looking after my parents’ dog while they are on holiday. The problem with this dog is she’s old and nearly blind. She gets stressed out super easy. Slipping out unnoticed with this combination has required the stealth of a ninja, which I clearly did not possess this morning. My attempts to quiet them with treats backfired as (1) it didn’t work,  (2) still needed to go outside to take care of business, and (3) refused to budge until after they finished their treat. Picture me all decked out in running gear trying to coax two dogs to pee, who are laying on the ground munching their treats. They finally complied and I was able to leave, a good 10 minutes later than usual.

Problem #5: The Knee

So I won’t bore you with details as to why I need to run with a knee brace. Suffice to say that I have had an on-again/off-again relationship with this particular joint since I was 12. I’ve very aware of my body when it comes to knee pain. I can sense when it’s about to cause problems before I actually start to feel the pain. After 2 laps, I knew I was in trouble so I made the call to cap my run after 3 laps, or 4K. Was I disappointed? Yes, but I wouldn’t do it differently (save for ensuring my brace is ready!). It’s not worth the “glory” of finishing the 5K if I can’t physically walk for the next 2-3.

Trying to Stay Positive

Anyway, needless to say there were many obstacles in my way to running this morning. Instead of complaining about it all and getting annoyed, I’m choosing to remain positive. I said to my husband this morning, “Hey, I managed to run 4K despite not having the appropriate attire, being late, not getting enough sleep, and waking up K and the dogs. Go me!”

Hopefully Wednesday will be more smooth!

Today I have 2 videos for you. One is the classic “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor) that everyone should appreciate. The other was a tune that came on the ipod when I was running up the last incline of the run (I kid you not!): aptly called “Elevation” by U2.


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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3 Responses to Busted!

  1. jengalle says:

    Good job on getting out! I think when it’s especially challenging to get out the door the run always means a lot more.

  2. Wendy says:

    Those obstacles and challenges all became opportunities for you Christine, opportunities for mind training, creativity, resiliency. Yeah, go you!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Love the Monday morning fiascoes! Never fear my dear – Monday’s only come once a week:) And good call on taking care of your knee, hobbling around for weeks is not worth one day of a Monday morning glory run.

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