Sprints, intervals, and croissants?

So this morning I tried something new. Actually, I tried a lot of new. First off, today marked the end of my first week where I managed to get in 3 runs. You would think running 3 times in 7 days would be easier to schedule, but when you have a toddler, a fellow runner for a husband, and multiple projects and commitments, that number 3 can become as elusive as 23 in my opinion! So I’m so happy to say that I did it!

Anyway, instead of getting up at 6:15 and running around the neighbourhood as has been my routine, my friend (and fellow co-blogger) Jen picked me up at 7:10 and we headed to the UPEI track. We met another friend there (one whom I’m hoping to recruit for this blog). Friend #2 and I looked to Jen to lead the session as she’s the expert.  After some warm-up stretches, Jen decided that it would be “fun” to do some interval training via sprinting.

I was skeptical as I don’t normally equate the word “fun” with sprinting; however, I resolved to have an open mind and see how it went. The basic premise was to have each runner take turns sprinting with the next runner attempting to catch up and take the sprint on (think relay if you will, minus the baton).

It wasn’t too bad! Friend and I took turns being runners #1 and #2 as the distance sprinting lengthened each time (we made expert Jen be #3). It was hard but unlike with running for a certain length of time maintaining a specific pace, here we worked our bodies between two extremes: all out and resting.

I have no idea how long we ran for or what length. I didn’t measure either. I do know that I was out of breathe after our training, but not as sweaty as when I do my straight-forward runs. While I was initially skeptical about my performance questioning if I should have pushed myself harder, I will say that 5 hours later…my legs are sore. Different, yes, but still a good workout.

It’s good to mix things up. I think we’re going to try doing this next Friday too. So that means I’ll have 2 steady runs/week + one training session. Let’s see how it goes.

The added workout meant that I could totally enjoy our post-run breakfast guilt free, even opting to add a delicious croissant to my meal. Oh, come on—it’s Friday Fun Day, right?

Since today’s run was more social, I didn’t listen to a lot of music. I did put on a tune when it was my turn to sprint though so I shan’t deprive you of my running music of the day.


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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11 Responses to Sprints, intervals, and croissants?

  1. Wendy says:

    Nice work on the sprints Christine — they can be so much fun and are an amazing way to increase your speed and endurance. I had a croissant without working for it (oops) and I like the music pick!

  2. karoach says:

    Sounds like fun, makes me very pumped up for my session on the track later today!
    I am now adding Hey Ya to song list. 🙂 I forgot about that one.

  3. Alanna says:

    That’s awesome that you ran three times this week, Chris! :=)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Way to go you! Three runs AND a guilt-free croissant breakfast- fabulous!

  5. jengalle says:

    I think we should do hill training next week! We’ll be even more sore!!! I love it.

  6. jengalle says:

    I’m pretty sore too. I actually had a bit of trouble driving to the grocery store because of the pain in my quads.

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