It’s about time

Ever since I heard the words ‘pregnant with twins’ my life has been about time. During the pregnancy it was about using my time as efficiently as possible to try to complete the courses I was enrolled in, clue up an internship, transfer clients to a colleague AND have everything ready for the arrival of two sons. Needless to say I was clearly in denial as to how much my life would change both during and after the pregnancy.

Pre-pregnancy I was an avid runner – it was no trouble to fit in a solid three runs a week plus strength and conditioning, cross training and an active social life. I absolutely was convinced that I could continue all the above and have a successful twin pregnancy! When I asked my O.B. what exercise regime would be beneficial and safe for me to follow during the pregnancy he laughed and informed me that walking would be all the exercise I would need – and probably would only be able to do that up until 24wks when he would kindly ask me take time from work and rest up for the safe arrival of my boys. I thought he was kidding. I was having a great pregnancy and I thought I had enough time to at least attempt some of my lofty goals before birth. I was wrong. My kids arrived safely, but early, at 32 weeks – and in the weeks leading up to their delivery my time ran out and I wound up on bed-rest. I couldn’t even get in and out of a chair without help, let alone take a short jog down the trails.

Now, with two 1.5 year olds running around it feels sometimes like much hasn’t changed. My life is still about time – time to do laundry, time to get meals on the table, time to clean up the meals that end up on the floor or the walls, time to do all the laundry, time to spend with my kids – time to spend with husband! Life is still fast-paced, but in a completely different way. And where is the time to get back to being athletic, run-loving me!

Well, I’ve decided it’s time. Time to reclaim the creative and athletic parts of me that have needed to rest, while I’ve used all of who I am to learn the intricacies of being a mom to twins on a daily basis. I have attempted to regain my three runs a week (attempt one was in April and attempt two was in June) and have found that often there simply isn’t time to grab an hour-long run with two kids attached to my ankles. I have been able to pack them into their stroller and escape to the trails, but it doesn’t happen frequently and is completely dependent on whether THEY want to run or not.

So here’s my plan: I have begun to put out feelers for a regular babysitter. If I’m going to have time to squeeze in a run on a regular basis it will just have to become a part of my life and someone else’s too. While my husband works in the evening, a regular babysitter will give me the chance to get out of the house while my kids are sleeping in the evening. So here it goes – and it’s about time! I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to It’s about time

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow. I can’t imagine fitting the whole twin picture into my life. You are amazing. I can’t wait to read about your Babysitter-On-Board adventures.

  2. Christine says:

    You constantly amaze me Steph.

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