Sleep run?

I recommend running while sleeping. I tried it this morning and it was great.

A bit of clarification: I wasn’t actually asleep while running as even in my circular neighbourhood, that lack of sight could get me in trouble (picture myself running straight into a tree). However, I was sleepy. . . very sleepy. So sleepy, in fact, that if it wasn’t for the accountability this blog has created, I probably would have hit the snooze button instead of dragging myself out of bed.

Up until this morning, I have woken up minutes before the alarm was set to  go off, allowing myself to wake up a bit more gradually and naturally. Not today. The weather has been causing havoc with my sleeping pattern and so I was completely out of it when the alarm went off. So much so that the sound became incoporated into my dream. Talk about waking up like a piece of lead!

I was slow to move; slow to get dressed; slow to head outside. Instead of eating my banana as I stretched, I sat on the stairs and ate it.

I had yet to really wake up as I started to run. But you know what? I discovered that for me, this grogginess had hidden benefits. While my body was slow to react, so was my mind and for the first time ever, I managed to zone out for a bit of the run. Not huge chunks of time, mind, but at least 30–60 seconds at a time. I would like to say that my focus was diverted to something important or of value, but really, I was thinking about what to wear to an upcoming photoshoot and how to style my hair. Vanity wins, my friends, b/c for that minute, I was not thinking about how stiff my legs were or how long a distance I had left. I was thinking pretty thoughts; happy thoughts; un-painful thoughts.

I don’t time myself anymore. I could tell you I was physically outside from 6:22–7:08 but I wasn’t running that entire time. There was the banana eating time, the walking to the starting point time, the stretching time, the more stretching time as I procrastinated starting the run, and the cooling off walk home time. So I have no idea how long it takes me now to run 5.2K. I may bring some kind of timer with me next week and see—just for fun.

Friday I’m trying something new: Co-blogger/runner Jen and I are going to head out for a run together and try the new track here at our local university. I enjoy social runs and haven’t been on one since the race I did mid June. The track is well padded, too, so it will give my knee a bit of a break. I figure I deserve a treat as this will be my first week of succussfully completing 3 runs in a week! I’ll let you know how it goes.

I shall close, as is my style, with fun running music. Part of me is a tad worried at the judgments you all must now have on me and my musical taste. I make no bones about it: I have no taste when it comes to running. I will listen to anything if (a) I know the tune and (b) it has a good beat. I do not listen to this stuff during my work day, mind, but I am certainly no musical snob when my feet hit the ground. Whatever keeps me moving right?

Today’s guest is Lady GaGa herself. I have GaGa to thank for helping me get through the DeltaWare Fun Run last month (oh, ok, and my entire support team!). This morning I enjoyed running to “Bad Romance.” Enjoy!


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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1 Response to Sleep run?

  1. karoach says:

    I have been using the track for about a month now, and I really love it. It allows me to run outside, and learn about pacing.

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