Raising the Bar

I love that phrase; born out of track & field events such as the Pole Vault and the High Jump, it quickly became part of every Project Manager’s lexicon. And now, it comes full circle(ish). Yesterday I upped my pace. I raised the bar.

I wondered how and when it’d happen. I’d known for some time that I couldn’t keep running at my current pace; at the start of my run I looked very much like a marathon runner at the end of theirs. The body can get used to a workout in just a couple of weeks. Change and challenge are very important.

The main problem is,  how do I trick my body into doing it? I find that running is one long series of distractions and psychological tricks designed to shut off the chatter in my head that screams at me to stop.

It’s like trying to get a child to get ready for bed willingly. “Quick, let’s have a race and see how quickly you can get ready for bed!”

I’ve already started flipping the stopwatch over, but the drifting focus, the boredom, is hard to ignore. I’ve started listening to music again, but the tempo has to be more perfect than Goldilocks’ porridge.

My challenge for this week is therefore to up the pace, but lower my run time to 25 minutes compensate. In order to keep my body used to 30 minute workouts, however, I always make sure to ‘fill the gap’ between 25 and 30 minutes by power-walking.

If that doesn’t work, I’m ordering Running for Dummies

Fantastic Oasis track with a great drum solo in the middle 🙂

Very long dance track by BT, perfect for running as the pace grows in intensity, but starts off slowly to allow you to get into your running rhythm.

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2 Responses to Raising the Bar

  1. Christine says:

    I love that I’m not the only one posting running music anymore! I’m struggling, too, with conquering the mind over body. It’s amazing what we will do to try and achieve something; how we will actively think about how not to think. It’s something I’m learning to do, but not very good at yet.

  2. jengalle says:

    Have you thought of hill training? It’s a very different running experience, and it will naturally increase your pace. If you run on a treadmill there’s usually a function for it, but if you run outside you just need to find a hill that takes about 45 seconds to run up. It’s much more intense, so you can shorten your running time by quite a bit. When I run on a trail I play a game where whenever I see something red I race towards it, then slow down after I pass it. I end up doing interval training without even trying.

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