Oh Dear, What Have I Agreed To?

I was never one to let peer pressure influence me as a kid. As an adult, that seems to have changed. One of my friends was talking about how some of the army wives were going to do the Army Run, THIS YEAR, THIS SEPTEMBER. It sounded like fun. How hard could 5 k be? Seriously, I had run it before. Yes, it was a few years ago, but still. How hard could it be? How naive was I?

I forgot that feeling that my chest was going to explode. I forgot the secret of detaching my mind and letting my body run on auto. But, I said I would do the Army Run and baring death I will do it.

I ran for the first time in what seems like an eternity last Tuesday with a friend. This friend has a four month old baby and is training for her first ever tri in September. To say that I am a little out of my league would be an under-statement. Before this first run I had a plate of spagetti and some wine with my husband. Yelp, that was not smart at all! But I ran 1 km with out stopping during a heat-wave in a gym with no A/C. Some intervals of running /walking followed and I survived. Lesson of the day: wine and running do NOT mix.

Today was my second run. I was a little excited and curiuos to see how I would do sans the vino. Just before I left the house I realized that my pants were on backwards. Oh dear. I am thinking a good run does not involve backwards pants. We are using a running program to help us train and it was not so bad. My very fit friend decided that we were too advanced for week one, so we skipped to week two. Today, we did a 2 minute walk for a warm-up. This was followed by 90 seconds of running with 2 minutes of walking: repeated 6 times. Our cool-down was 5 minutes of walking followed by some ab, butt and arm work. I am doing this with 2 friends who were both pushing baby strollers with their new babies. We are running at the Army track surrounded by very fit army guys who could easily snap us in two. Just a little intimadating but we did it and I survived to run another day. Lesson of the day: check to make sure that my clothes are on properly.


About jodyweymouth

I have worked as a portrait photographer in a studio for several years. Leaving the studio setting and working for myself has allowed me to capture creative and custom photographs that will be cherished for years to come. I grew up in Newfoundland and lived in Prince Edward Island. Surrounded by these beautiful landscapes influenced my photographic work. I love natural candid photographs that trully captures a person and their surroundings
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1 Response to Oh Dear, What Have I Agreed To?

  1. Wendy says:

    I love this. I frequently dress in the dark…backwards and inside out are my best look!

    You’ll rock this 5k!

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