The girl’s (and girls) gotta run…

Another 5.2K completed this morning at the crack of dawn. Okay, I exaggerate. Running at 6:20 is probably not the crack of dawn, but in my world, it’s still early. I’m used to dragging my l’il self out of bed around 6:45. Even the idea that I would voluntarily get up earlier than that boggles me, let alone get up to exercise. But it appears I am…and I’m liking it. Huh? Who am I?  I can’t say that I’ll continue this trend when the cooler months roll around again, but for now…it works (and “works” is a huge victory for me!).

So my run. As I said, I did 5.2K, again broken down in four 1.3K laps. I stopped after every lap long enough to gulp some water and do 10 jumping jacks, so around 20 seconds probably. I did have to stop the jumping jacks after lap 2 as my knee was throbbing. I had forgotten to take my required 2 Advil pre-run that morning and it showed.

Otherwise, though, a good run. Lap 1, my warm-up lap, was sluggish but not painful. We’re making progress here people! Lap 2 could almost be described as enjoyable (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves folks). Lap 3 was a toughie, I’ll admit. Lap 4 was slow, but alright, as I was able to keep moving forward knowing I was almost done.

I will now pause to give all my gentlemen readers a heads-up warning: you have my permission to skip the following paragraph. I talk about my breasts. There—scared you off yet?

Ladies, I do believe I am in need of a better sports bra. It isn’t bad, but I find it’s not reliable, which is hilarious when you think about it b/c it’s a piece of clothing, but I find that my chest feels different almost every run, depending on time of the month, water retention, what colour top I’m wearing…no, seriously, my girls have a mind of their own at times. Anyway, this morning, I found Lap 1 (warm-up) hard up top. It almost felt like I was pre-menstrual, but I’m not. Have any of you experienced this? Do you have a sports bra that is able to “consider” your girls’ mood and support accordingly? The one I wear now is LuLu Lemon (I got it on sale, I’ll confess), but I do believe I need to buy a new one. Recommendations kindly accepted.

Gentlemen: you may return to the post now.

Anyway, I’m pleased that I seem to have stumbled upon something that works. I’ll admit it: last night I was tired and not looking forward to this morning’s early run. Something got me out of bed though, and I’m so glad I did. I feel awake (I haven’t even had any coffee yet!) and energized. I’ve already “scheduled in” my exercise and can now focus on work the rest of the day. This is awesome.

Oh and just as a reward for sticking with me and reading through all of this ramblings, I present to you my fun running song of the day (sadness that Spice Girls disabled the embedding code…boo Spice Girls, boo…):


About Christine

Christine is the co-owner of Manley Mann Media and on the Board of Directors for the Islanders By Choice Alliance. In her spare time, Christine enjoys a good cup of coffee, an excellent book, and a square of chocolate (to off-set her love of food, she also enjoys various exercise endevours!).
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5 Responses to The girl’s (and girls) gotta run…

  1. Andy Roberts says:

    I would suggest dropping the jumping jacks from the routine and just jog on the spot as you drink; impacts kill knee joints, and jumping is incredibly stressful on the knees (I have occasional knee issues caused by a hereditary condition, hence me harping on about knees at every available opportunity).

  2. Christine says:

    I seriously might consider doing that. For me, the jumping jacks helped make me feel less guilty about stopping for water. This is the way my brain works:

    You are stopping for water. You fail!

    Yeah, but I’ll do jumping jacks to make up for it. Acceptance!


    Yeah…my brain isn’t normal at times.

    I like the idea of jogging on the spot. I’ll try that Monday.

  3. Lisa says:

    A lot of the sports bra styles offered by lululemon aren’t designed for women who are well-endowed, and don’t offer much by way of support during high impact activities like running. One exception, however, is the style dubbed the “Ta-Ta Tamer.” It’s meant for up to a D or a DD cup size. Best sports bra I’ve ever owned. The girls don’t move an inch.

  4. Lisa says:

    Another thing to consider and I know I”m guilty of this is that the sports bras “wear” out and should be replaced annually based on what I saw recently on them . I always was of the mind that it looks fine, so it is fine, but apparantly the elastic stretches which loosens your support.

  5. jengalle says:

    My bras all come from Zellers, and although they don’t last long they work perfectly well for me. There are some running specific bras on the market, which makes sense, since most of the “sports bras” out there aren’t necessarily designed for the jarring motion of running. I’ve known some women to buy their bras a size to small to stop all the bouncing, but I wouldn’t suggest that.

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