Mixed review of UPEI outdoor track

After spending the last two weeks running all over Cornwall I decided I wanted to change it up and give the new UPEI outdoor track a try. Ever since I have seen it I have wanted to take it for a spin, however, it was always bad timing or weather that kept me off. Not this morning however. After dropping Christine off to work I was headed to the redish rubbery surface!

Okay, the track itself and every physical thing around it is awesome! Clean lines, smooth level surface and very well kept. Track, the problem wasn’t you it was me. We were looking for different things. You wanted to place me in a bowl so people could see me run, but that made me feel like I was in a bowl and it also stopped the morning breeze which I really needed this sunny humid morning. You were exciting to look at when I first saw you but then I kinda got used to you and you lacked the lustre to go the distance I am affraid.

Okay now that I have that awkward paragraph out of the way. The run I think was klind of spoiled my my headspace. I will try running there again just to see. Recently I am finding some of my motivation flagging. Really, since I was able to do the 22 km only to find out I am doing the 28 km this weekend. I am not excited to do the 28 km, in fact I feel confident that I can do it thanks to my 22 km run but am jazzed. That is part of the reason I wanted to change where I am running. Now I am sure I want to stick to the road but will have to get more creative with the routes I run.

Tonight I will measure 14 km downtown along Lower Malpeque and see if I can get to the armouries or Victoria park. If anyone knows of any cool routes let me know. Thanks!

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1 Response to Mixed review of UPEI outdoor track

  1. jengalle says:

    Sounds like a great place to do interval training. I have to do mine on the hills of Rustico, but a nice flat surface might be a good change of pace.

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