You CANNOT be serious…?!

I sweat buckets on the treadmill; my only options are a) suck it up, or b) get a headband and wind up looking like John McEnroe. If anyone has a better way to look pretty while running, I’d sure like to know.

Third run of the week was tough, and at the 20-minute mark I slowed for 20 seconds to power-walk and compose myself. I worried if I wasn’t setting a dangerous precedent, that it was a step back from yesterday’s progress (25 minutes non-stop).

Then I got thinking: it’s not actually possible to live life without stepping back. Try going just a day without taking any kind of backwards step at all, metaphorically or physically. It just isn’t possible.

Sometimes we have to take steps back in order to make leaps forward.

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3 Responses to You CANNOT be serious…?!

  1. Christine says:

    and some days our body is just more tired than others. i’ve learned to listen to my body while not letting it take advantage of me. good balance.

    i’m tired tonight. full day at the office and at least 2 hours of work lie ahead of me before i can relax, unwind, sleep. i already dread getting out of bed at 6:15 for my run tomorrow. tomorrow may be a tired/slow day for me. we’ll see…

    at least we try though!

  2. amanley says:

    I am thinking about bring back the bandana.

  3. scaryfishpei says:

    I think you should lose the bandana.

    In fact, burn the bandana – if you lose it, you might find it again.

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