Making up for the cop-out post

Okay it is a day later, I have my legs back as well as some energy. My long run yesterday was good for many reasons. Mostly for building my confidence, but also for getting a real feel for my pace and gaining an appreciation for running outside.

Up yesterdays 22 km, the longest run was the half-marathon I ran a few years ago. To be honest I did have to walk up a hill on that one, and to be brutally honest I might have carried that walk over the hill and down the other side. So running and not having to walk despite the ups and downs of running to UPEI from Cornwall was great.

All winter I have been running on an indoor track at UPEI, this is not awesome. First you have deal with the geriatric walkers, then the short track. The other issue is that you do not get the exposure to the changing terrain. When you start running outdoors you feel like a hampster let out of the cage.

Another issue I am looking at is the weight factor. I am looking to lose wight through the training. I have been doing well, however, recently I am finding myself going  through feast and famine with my appetite. My water intake had been very good but has been dropping off, this is the only thing I can think of for the swing. So starting tonight I am making an active effort to drink at least two water jugs a day.

So what is my running looking like this week? Well I have a 10 km run tomorrow, followed by a run on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday working up to a 28 km run on Sunday. It took me awhile to regain my breath after reading that. As I have been training I have not been reading too far ahead on the training schedule, really to make sure I don’t get discouraged. After reading of my impending doom, I mean next Sunday run, I did take  a peak at the following Sunday to see if I would survive it and was pleasantly surprised to see that I will only be running 10 km! I have a feeling this is a calm before a very large storm so was too scared to look at the following week.

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6 Responses to Making up for the cop-out post

  1. Andy Roberts says:

    Couple of things to bear in mind:

    a) Drinking too mnuch water can cause issues, too. When I’m exercising, I make a point of taking a drink at least every 5 minutes, if I haven’t done so already.

    b) Running is potentially a bad way to lose excess weight, as every extra pound of body weight puts three pounds of pressure on each knee joint. Thus, knee braces are essential even if there’s no knee pain.

    I one day dream of being the free hamster. At the moment I’m an agoraphobic mouse.

  2. jengalle says:

    Are you jumping from 22K to 28K? That seems like a lot! What’ll be your longest training run before the big day? Mine is 36. I’m inspired by your long runs! I’ve only haphazardly looked at mine. I need to start getting serious. And I totally get what you mean about the feast or famine thing. After a long run I can’t eat, but then I get ravenous.

  3. amanley says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Andy, thanks for the advice! So far I have only had one knee really act up once and my two jugs are not actually that large. I have been doing pretty well so far but amd starting to really take an interest in what foods would help my running. If you have any suggestions they would be welcome.

    Jen, my training plan is located here after really looking at it, post this Sunday I really only have 3 long runs left. We really should run together during one of them, mind you I will be listening to the iPod but the company would be nice!

  4. jengalle says:

    Looks like a great plan! Let’s definitely run together. We’ll have to figure out a time when our long runs are the same. I can play catch – up. What’s your next long run?

  5. amanley says:

    My next long run is tomorrow, 18 miles, 28 km. Take a look at the training schedule and tell me what you thing. Next Sundays is only 6 miles I believe.

  6. jengalle says:

    How about your next long run (I believe it’s 21K)? Not this Sunday, but the Sunday after that. Also, are you incorporating some speed runs into your training plan? They’re not always fun, but it helps to do it in a group.

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