22 km.. in the rain…

So this morning I ran 22 km with out stopping in the rain. I gotta admit I was really happy with myself at the end. When I started I had thought I might stop and get a bottle of water and walk a few minutes but I was doing good and did not want to risk losing my pace.

Things I learned included: running in the rain keeps you cool even if your clothes get sopping wet, my shuffle did not die when damp, the last two km’s are the longest.

I will write more tomorrow on training, right now I have to hold a magic bag to one knee. Happily mind you, but still have to heat that sucker up.

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1 Response to 22 km.. in the rain…

  1. jengalle says:

    Running in the rain is a definite advantage in this weather. Good job on the 22K!

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