Will the Passion Come Back?

No, I don’t mean my love life after the arrival of my second child-who is due any minute now, but my passion for running.

A bit of background if I may…I never led a healthy lifestyle until my first son was almost 2 years old and I realized how over-weight and unhappy I was with my life. I first began fencing for exercise and that sport is truly my first love. However, I found it wasn’t helping me lose much weight so I complimented those workouts with a gym membership and all of a sudden I was on roll and personal fitness became a huge part of my life. During the two years I was fencing and going to gym I was still fighting my long-time smoking habit off and on. That is when I decided to try running-I believe that you can’t be a good runner and still be a smoker. A friend of mine was into running and she encouraged me to sign up for a 5km race. She said that if you pay and commit to a race you will train for it…she was right and my love for running was born.

From May 2009 to October 2009 I quit smoking for good and threw myself in to running. Going from running a 5km to completing a half marathon 5 months later on October 3. I couldn’t get enough and was so happy at the results in  my body and mind. As a stay at home Mom, quiet moments are hard to come by and when I ran it was the only time I was completely alone and I loved it.

After my half marathon, I decided that maybe it was time to have another baby before I got too old. Low and behold I was expecting within a few weeks! I was shocked, but excited for the newest chapter in my life. I had to stop running when I was around 3 months along because it just didn’t feel quite right-that really broke my heart. I missed running so much! Now here I am waiting to go to the hospital any minute and I am really am scared that my running days are over. Going from running a half marathon to struggling as a beginning runner again just may be too much for me to handle. As a Mom of 2 children will I even want to run? Will I be able to find the time?

I know some parents have those jogging strollers, but they are too expensive for me and one of the reasons I loved to run is the alone time I get with my music and my day-dreaming. My goal is to one day complete a full marathon, but right now I know that is at least a year or two away-and that makes me worry that I might never do it.

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2 Responses to Will the Passion Come Back?

  1. Christine says:

    While I don’t really think you’ll be able to get out for a run anytime within the next month, I think after you’ve all settled in as a family of four, you will *have* to make running a priority for your own health (and sanity!). It can be done. Like you told me, we just need to tweak our lives and ask others for help. I don’t think your running days are over…they are just in transition for the next little bit.

    Good luck with everything. I’ll be awaiting news!

  2. amanley says:

    After my half-marathon I took a long time off before running again. The joy of it will come back I am sure.

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