Hot and humid but all good.

This morning was chaos around the house with Kait and Christine headed to their respective daycare/work. Once the house was clear it was time for me and the open road. Well it was a very hot and humid open road. But with water and some Corb Lund the miles melted away.

When I run I rely on day dreaming and music. The music puts me in a frame of mind and then I start thinking about anything and everything until I hit a happy place. That can be remember our recent Palm Springs trip to thinking about buying a catamaran and heading out with the family. When I start lagging I find I need to start focusing on the music to punch through the hill or whatever is distracting me. I am a terrible running partner.

I don’t kow enough about the science of running to know how many types of runners there are but I am a ‘zone’ runner. I just get into a zone and tune a lot of stuff out. Which is great for solo runs but crap for running with people. While my wife ran the recent 5 K Deltaware run I ran with her and our friend Jen. Thank God for Jen or Christine would have been bored to tears and would not be posting articles on this blog. So that is what I learned about myself today. Cheers!

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