My Marathon Hopes

On October 17th I will be trying to complete my first full marathon. It will not be easy. I know this because after my 11k run the other day I though to my self that is about a 1/4 of what I have to run. The thoughts running through my head ranged from WTF, to no freakin way to I have already commited so suck it up.

Training for a marathon, I am learning, is not just about developing the body but the mind as well. I know this because since I have started talking to other runners they all recommend books on the philosophy of running. When you are spending countless hours running you tend to start justifying your actions. It is about your mind as much as your body, and like life books can only help you so much. In the end I know it will come down to me the road and the wall. In the coming weeks I hope to find my way through the wall.

My way through the wall will not be the same as my friend Jennifers’. Just like your way will not be the same as mine. My way I am sure will involve massive amounts of music and day dreaming.

Currently I am running 4 times a week. 3 maintence runs during the week and one long run on Sundays. This Sunday I am set to run 14 miles that is …. um I really just looked at this right now. I will be running 22k! My longest distance to date was a half marathon that rang in at 21097.5 meters. Time to prep the iPod.

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2 Responses to My Marathon Hopes

  1. lavenderlines says:

    Kudos to you for wanting to run a marathon.
    What music do you find it best to run to or does it change depending on your mood?

  2. amanley says:

    For me the music depends on what I want to daydream about. Typically I will have two lists, one for my fantasizing about playing pro football and one about where I am an architect đŸ™‚

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