My Goals

Hello! So I am one of the ‘newbies’ here at Share the Run! One of my main reasons that I want to learn to run is a change in my lifestyle. About 3 years ago I had what some would call an aha moment. I could barely walk up stairs and acutally avoided them. I didn’t take care of myself physically or mentally. So one night I am driving home from work, when I just in an instant decided to drive to the closest gym. I was so nervous because I am not in peak condition and I had this fear that everyone would judge me. I was completely wrong because what I received was the most support I had ever felt. 3 years later, I am 40lb pounds lighter and feeling a lot stronger. I still have a way to go in my weight loss journey but I really feel that running would be a great fitness challange to my workout. I have always envied runners, it seems like it would be such a high to get out and run.

I have started a “Couch to 10k” program, and my hope is to be able to enter the 10k challenge at the PEI Marathon. As of right now I am currently running 30 seconds and walking 4:30 min, for a count of 8 times. I am excited about the challenge and hope to share more with you as I run along!

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2 Responses to My Goals

  1. Christine says:

    Who knows Kim—maybe we’ll run the 10K together!

  2. lavenderlines says:

    Aren’t “aha” moments great? I’m hoping at some point to take up running, once I build up a bit of stamina.

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